The Secret Mark Cuban Doesn't Want You To Know

How To Dominate Online With A Killer Strategy...
and Get Directly In Front Of Customers Searching For You!

All businesses need to evolve, and right now if you do not have a sound digital marketing strategy, then you will suffer.
Have you ever watched ABC's Shark Tank?

What's the first thing the Shark's ask?

Are you online; what are your online sales?

Now if the Sharks are asking this question, why aren't you asking the same?

Give us a call and let us go over what you are doing for your business.
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If you don't, that's fine, but you will still suffer with dismal sales; Don't Let Your Competition Win.

So you are probably asking yourself, "OK, so who are these hotshots?"

What we do is far different from our competition.
Our agency handles all things pay per click marketing and SEO.
Bonus, there is no other firm that is doing mobile digital marketing or Native Ad marketing like us.
Whether you want brand awareness or hyper targeted local customers - we have you covered.

Here's Free Advice #1:

Marketers continue to leverage the power of paid media to boost their campaigns, but now they’re doing it through native advertising. Native advertising engages readers, helps improve brand image and awareness, and boasts click-through rates many times higher than those of display ads. Find out if it's right for you.

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Here's Free Advice #2:

Not all sales leads are created equal. Some people are going to be a great fit for what you sell and are going to be ready to start the sales process right away. Others, however, are going to be a poor fit or are going to require a longer-term conversation to build trust and create a good business relationship.

How can you make this a win-win?

Create a sales funnel.

Creating a sales funnel also gives you greater focus. It also allows you to devote time and resources to working with the right sales leads, instead of spreading yourself too thin chasing bad leads.

If you have a few preliminary steps in your sales funnel, such as “initial e-mail survey” or “initial phone screening,” or “request to do an online demo/presentation,” this gives you the chance to ask the customer to commit to a higher level of interaction.

Every step of the interaction and conversation along the way gives you the chance to learn more about your prospective customers, and figure out which customers are serious buyers, and which ones are not yet ready to commit.

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Pay-Per-Click Advertising

A key piece to a well-rounded online marketing campaign. We actively manage our client’s PPC accounts with the goal of delivering the most possible sales or leads for the budget; via Google, Bing, Native Ads or Facebook. Our search engine marketing experts are both Google and Bing certified.

PPC Domination Package:

Indepth Keyword Research
Reverse Engineer Your Competitor's Paid Search Strategy
Ad Creation, Location and Demographic Targeting
Conversion Code Installation
Analytics Installation
Landing Page Creation
Phone Call Generation
Bid Management
AD Scheduling
Split Testing

PPC Management requires a precise skill, a strategic mindset and a very careful implementation for it to be effective. From outlining what your actual project goals are to the proper keyword research and selection, to the removal of negative keywords, to A/B split testing, to choosing between display or search networks and the list goes on and on. A lot of thought and research needs to go into a campaign before you even start to think about building it.  An error in judgement at any step along the campaign setup or implementation could mean the difference between an advertising campaign that fails or is wildly successful.

While we generally do most of the website work internally, we are not SEO guys, we are Plastic Guys!
On occasion we need some help with getting specific keywords ranked, page optimization, keyword density, etc, and we found DC SEO Experts to be extremely helpful.
Not only is it their business, but they are great at what they do. If you want a project done, get it done by a professional. The attempts in the past with 'friends' or 'casual referrals' have been a disaster.
When we chatted with DC SEO, they had the answers. Detailed in their approach, and systematic in their completion. I would highly recommend them for your SEO projects.
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Hayden Hess


Local Business & Citation Listings

  • Local Business Directories
  • Video Citations
  • Photo Citations
  • Social Media Citations
  • Citation Promotion (High End Link Building)
  • Monthly build of Structured Citations
  • Monthly build of Unstructured Citations
  • Monthly Citation Boosting

Social Media & Content Management (to start with)

  • 1 Daily Facebook Post
  • 2 Daily Twitter Tweets
  • 1 Curated Blog Post per week
  • 1 Broadcasting Station Network
  • 1 Video Created & Syndicated across network

Each month, in addition to links built, you will receive:
Regular communication, so you know what and when
A Client report, detailing your wise monthly investment
Daily rank tracking, showing progress over time
No nonsense, expert campaign support

Citation links are about as good as it gets when it comes to ranking reliably. Just creating your first citations can be enough for a jump, but new citations—boosted by constant fresh links—that’s how you keep the fuel pumping all the way to the front page. That’s where we come in, don't let those other SEO companies fool you.

We research how people search for your products or services and focus on delivering traffic that converts into paying customers.

Extremely knowledgeable in the SEO field, very reliable and just amazing at what they do! it was really a pleasure to work with this company, my business changed significantly.

Addily G.